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Updated Sponsor Page!

I’ve published the updated ZAG Sponsor list today.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be processing updates for our annual sponsors who are renewing for 2019.

Future updates will include adding sponsor logos and product categories to help our members find your listing.

If you would like me to include your logo in your listing, please email an attachment or a link to the site administrator. Images should be at least 512 pixels wide or high. PNG format is preferred, since JPGs may become distorted when scaled.

Due to the potential effects of the proposed EU copyright directive, especially Articles 11 and 13, please include a statement granting ZAG permission to use your logo on our website, as well as in any publications or promotional materials, primarily for the purpose of identifying you as a sponsor.

My next task is the long-overdue update to the buyer list. I am currently sanitizing the data and expect to have a CSV ready for download by Februay 28. You will need a ZAG website ID with an active membership (buyer or sponsor) to download the file.

Please email me at if there is a problem with your existing ID. If the member email address needs to be changed, I can update the existing record without creating a new website ID.

Thank you!

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Online Checkout options

Good news for our ZAG sponsors! While PayPal checkout is convenient, some still prefer to pay via check.

I’ve updated the website checkout options to include “check” as a valid payment option.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this configuration issue.

Thank you for your continued support of ZAG!

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ZAG website admin update

As you are already well aware, the ZAG website has been “under construction” for quite some time. Not only have we been migrating all the buyer and sponsor data from the old site, but also we’ve changed administrators.

I’ve spent the past few weeks getting “under the hood” to see what we have and what still needs to be done. While I would love to have everything perfect the first time around, it’s not realistic.

Over the next few days, I will be processing sponsor renewals and updating the sponsor list. I will also be posting an updated buyer list for our sponsors.

I apologize for the delays, but I hope that you will find the results worth the wait.