Our Mission

ZAG is a collection of merchandise buyers for zoos, aquariums, gardens and other wildlife-related institutions and attractions. The goals of ZAG are to increase and improve communication between buyers, and to raise awareness and professionalism of the field within the zoo and aquarium industry.

ZAG Vision Statement

As an organization we are committed to network, educate, inform and connect independent Zoo, Wild Life Centers, and Aquarium Buyers worldwide while maintaining a conscience of conservation and a concern for people and wildlife.

Our ZAG Values

  • Care: We are concerned about one another within the ZAG organization and make attempts to help animal institutions with their current in-house retail operation.
  • Connections: We are here to connect buyers to industry information, encourage buyers to connect with other buyers and connect buyers and vendors at social events.
  • Creditability: We act in an honest and trustworthy manner that reflects the state of the industry while providing the most current factual opinions on retail goods and services.
  • Conservation: We embrace conservation commerce, animal welfare and the ethical treatment of people, animals and the environment worldwide while trying to conserve our natural resources.
Penguin, Living Coasts, Torquay, UK, photo by Andre Mouton, source unsplash.com, edited