ZAG is a collection of merchandise buyers for zoos, aquariums and other wildlife-related institutions and attraction. The goals of ZAG are to increase and improve communication between buyers, and to raise awareness and professionalism of the field within the zoo and aquarium industry.

Buyers of qualifying institutions may join ZAG for free.

ZAG’s activities are funded by our sponsors.

Website updates are progressing…

The sponsor page has been updated. A new buyers list has been posted, although there are still some missing records due to incomplete data.
Please note: You must be logged in with an active website membership to download the updated buyer list.

Please use the “Join Us” link to renew your membership or sponsorship.

Did you know: When a vendor signs up to become a Sponsor, they receive a ZAG license plate?

The plate for annual sponsors highlights an important conservation organization to which ZAG, Inc. makes a donation that year.

When you are at a trade show, don’t forget to spot that license plate and thank them for being a Sponsor!