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ZAG is a collection of merchandise buyers for zoos, aquariums and gardens. The goal of ZAG is to increase and improve communication between buyer members, and to raise awareness and professionalism within the zoo and aquarium industry.

Buyers of qualifying institutions may join ZAG for free.

ZAG’s activities are funded by our sponsors.

See what’s new on the ZAG website.

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The ZAG website provides several resources to help you:

  • The sponsors page provides contact info and links to sponsor websites.
  • The downloadable buyers list (updated quarterly) provides contact info for colleagues at other ZAG institutions.
  • The downloadable sponsors list provides additional contact info for current ZAG sponsors.
  • The ZAG Newsletter, Newsletters
  • Other resources created by ZAG members, Resources

Some resources, such as the Buyers List, are restricted. You need a website account with an active membership to access them.

Please use the “Join Us” link to join ZAG, to renew your membership, or to update your membership details.

Did you know?

Vendors who become a Sponsor receive a ZAG license plate. The plate for annual sponsors highlights a conservation organization which will receive a donation from ZAG, Inc.

When you are at a trade show, look for the ZAG license plate and thank them for being a Sponsor!

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The ZAG website provides resources for you as well:

  • The ZAG Sponsors page shares your contact information with ZAG members (and the public).
  • The buyers list provides current contact info for buyers at ZAG institutions.

The buyers list is restricted. You need a website account with an active sponsorship to access it. If multiple staff members need access, please contact the Website Administator to update their website accounts.

Please use the “Join Us” link to sponsor ZAG or to renew your sponsorship.

Thank you for supporting ZAG!

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What’s New?

Buyers List

Latest version: January 29, 2020 (updated at least quarterly)

Please log into the website and download it from Buyers List.

Sponsor List

Latest version: January 29, 2020 (updated quarterly)

Please log into the website and download it from Sponsor List.

(The sponsors page is updated whenever new sponsorships are processed.)

Recent Posts

Upcoming Trade Shows

Staying Current with ZAG

If you are not listed in the Buyers List or Sponsors List, your membership has either expired or has incomplete information.

Sponsors: Please renew from the Join Us page. If you believe your sponsorship is current, please contact the Website Administrator to update your login credentials.

Buyers: Please “purchase” a new membership from the Join Us page. We use the order to notify the ZAG Board and to track the progress on updates to your record. If you need help with your login credentials, please contact the Website Administrator.