The January 2020 ZAG Sponsor List is now available for download.

Note: This is the same data that is used to compile the ZAG Sponsors page. It does contain a few more fields. Also sponsors with multiple contacts will have extra entries in this file. Records know to have errors or are incomplete are not included in this list.

We provide this data in a CSV format for compatibility. It should easily import into any spreadsheet software.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. If you encounter problems while importing, please verify that your spreadsheet expects fields to be separated by commas, with text enclosed in quotes.
For example: “Text 1″,”Text 2”
Also, postal codes are treated as text to avoid losing leading 0’s.

The ZAG Sponsor List is only available to currently active Buyers and Sponsors.

If you’ve recently renewed, please check My Account to verify your order status. All sponsorships and memberships are manually processed, so we appreciate your patience!

Buyers, please note: You must “purchase” a free membership every 2 years. Complete the order from the Join Us page.