Buyer List

Updated Buyers List Available

The February 2019 Buyers List is now available for download at the Buyer List page.

Unfortunately, this list is incomplete: many records from the old website were incomplete or corrupt. I will continue to sanitize the remaining records for the 2nd Quarter update.

The ZAG Buyer List is only available to currently active Buyers and Sponsors.You must be logged into the website with an active Buyer or Sponsor membership to access the link.

If you’ve recently renewed, please check My Account to verify your order status. All sponsorships and memberships are manually processed, so we appreciate your patience!

Buyers: If your name doesn’t appear on this list, please log in and “buy” a free membership from the Join Us page.

If you have issues logging in, please contact the website administrator before creating a new user ID. It is far easier to update the details of an existing ID than to reconcile multiple similar IDs.